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Welcome to the home of ABA Therapy Tracker, the easiest ABA Therapy Data Tracking Solution available. If your practice has been cluttered in paperwork, overwhelmed by reporting mandates, and slowed down by overhead you are in the right place.
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Build The Plan

Build treatment plans quickly and easily
See How To Build A Plan

Easy to use plan builder allows even a first time user to build any style of plan from simple to complex utilizing both built in and customizeable programs. Test and teach anything and measure the results with ease on the fly from any device. In addition, plans can also be built on any device or platform for maximum flexibility.
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Collect The Data

On any device with ease on the fly from anywhere
See How To Collect Data

Run pre-built and custom programs instantly on any device anywhere. You can also run as many simultaneous tests at a time as you like. In addition, anyone who can browse the internet can run programs during therapy sessions with little to no training. Just choose a client/patient, choose the program, and start tracking data instantly.
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Graph And Report It

Get beautiful graphs and reports with ease
See It In Action

With minimal clicks anyone can easily produce beautiful color graphs, charts, and reports on data collected showing clear progress and meeting compliance and reporting standards in seconds. No more messy paper work and no more hassle finding old notes. It all happens in one convenient place accessible in the cloud.
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We Are Passionate About Progress

ABA Therapy Tracker was born out of necessity. The necessity for a simpler, easier to use solution that anybody could use to begin changing the world, one child at a time.

Out of this passion we created the ultimate tool to reduce admin costs and increase the effectiveness of treatment. Real time data tracking and reporting simple enough to actually use every day without slowing you down. Got a minute? Click below to schedule a free demo

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“ABA Therapy Tracker was exactly what we were looking for. Affordable and simple, it allows our staff to get up and running with new programs quickly and easily have access to run reports with ease! Best of all it has saved our entire practice a ton in efficiency and proven reporting.”

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Latest News

ABA Therapy Tracker chosen to pilot new University of Florida ABA Therapy study.
We were recently selected from among 3 other competitors as the platform best suited for a new ABA Therapy trial clinic being managed by the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida.
ABA Therapy Tracker Version 2024.6.1 Released. Updates include plan improvements and new reports...