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The Story

Who's behind ABA Therapy Tracker? Believe it or not, people just like you! ABA Therapy tracker started out as a round hole with no peg for the Florida Autism Center, one of the countries largest ABA Therapy providers and by far the largest provider in the South Eastern United States.




Like you, FAC was frustrated that none of the solutions on the market could easily track data in session, be easy to use for line staff and therapists, produce easy to understand reports and graphs on demand, and take care of the increasing demand for documentation by utlization audits and insurance company requests. Worse, with increasing demands for HIPAA compliance with patient data paperwork was becoming a complete and total mess.


Along came a spider, or rather FAC's trusted IT Management company who linked FAC together with a world class programming team and with all parties working together created what is known today as ABA Therapy Tracker. After a full year of beta testing and user feedback from ABA Therapy practices around the country Version 1.0 of ABA Therapy Tracker was released as a commercial practice management tool that solves all of the problems typical ABA Therapy practices face:


  • A system so easy to use that first time users who have never seen it before can pick up a tablet, computer, or smart phone and actively begin tracking data in session with no training


  • A library of treatment plans and routines can be built easily with all of the common metrics and measuring increments used in traditional ABA Therapy, many already come pre-loaded and ready to go making time to implementation mere minutes even for new practices who have never used a tracking software before.


  • Compliance, reporting, and everything else a practice needs to operate all easy to find with the click of a button for administrators and therapists.


  • A pricing plan so simple anyone can figure it out!


Based off of the success of our beta test program ABA Therapy Tracker launched nationwide in 2015 and has experienced incredible growth and success - but what really makes the platform special is when we hear about how much less time our clients have to spend on reporting and paperwork. Many of our clients have reported a 100% reduction in the time they spend filling out paperwork and are able to spend more time in therapy instead of on paperwork. Best of all, our clients are able to prove the success of their programs to parents, guardians, and insurance companies at the click of a button. That's a big deal. 


After hearing all of the success stories from clients a common theme began to emerge... it turns out there is no instruction book to running an ABA Therapy Practice! Who knew that before they started! Seeking to add value for clients ABA Therapy Tracker then started their now legendary Best Practices Forum - an online world where ABA Therapists and practice owners from around the country get together to share best practices, what works, what doesn't and freely and openly talk about how they are improving and growing their practice. It's an incredible value, all moderated and supported for free by ABA Therapy Tracker.

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